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Local Chocolate
From The Bean

We make chocolate from the bean to control the quality of the product and fairness along the production chain.

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From the Tropics
to Kingston

We source our beans mostly from the MABCO (aka Juan Gonzalez) in Toronto. Juan travels the world looking for excellent beans and, where necessary, training farmers and cooperatives in their fermentation.

From Bean
to Nib

Once the beans are safely in our commercial kitchen, we clean and roast them. Then, the beans must first be cracked to separate the shell from the nibs and then the shells must be blown away through a winnowing system. The cast off shells are good for mulch.

From Nib
to Chocolate

We grind our beans for 3-5 days to get the smoothest possible chocolate, with not a hint of grit. This is a highly aromatic process. After griding, we temper the chocolate to create a crystal formation that makes the chocolate snap, have uniform structure, and have a long shelf life.

From Chocolate
to Bar

Finally, after all the hard work, we pour the chocolate into molds and let it set. The chocolate that slides out of the mold is ready for packaging and consumption.



ChocChique, aka Anne Godlewska, is a
historical geographer and chocolate maker
(that means she makes chocolate from the

Anne (right) and Joan (left), her partner, with ChocChique bars!

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